UHRS – What, Where and How? A Small Guide for Beginners

September 10, 2013
– This is an article from 2013. The information given can be outdated. Please check out FAQ for more recent information. –What is the UHRS?

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed over clickworker.com and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

Who can work on UHRS?

The access is not activated for all clickworkers, since it depends on whether these tasks are available for a certain country. At present, there are approximately 20 countries involved. On demand (i.e. when there are new tasks for a new country) other countries can be added at any time.
How do I qualify for work on UHRS?

The assessment sessions “UHRS I” and “UHRS II” can be found under “Qualifications” in the menu.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-10 um 09.34.27 Both must be successfully completed. While the first part tests language and investigation abilities, one receives the LiveID (necessary to finish) during the second part. This is normally sent within a few minutes, but in exceptional cases, it can take up to 48 hours. If you do not receive this e-mail, please check your spam folder. Once you have the LiveID, you can complete the training and finish the UHRS registration.The “Compare Web Search Results” task in your Job List also brings you to the UHRS platform.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-10 um 09.35.55 With your LiveID and the previously registered password, you can register and then access the UHRS over the direct link. Alternatively, you can reach the website without any detour, namely over the following direct link: https://prod.uhrs.playmsn.com/Judge/Views/Login.aspx

How do I find my HitApps?
Marketplace UHRS

The projects are called “HitApps” on UHRS. Which HitApps are available to you, depend on your country and language. Under the menu “Marketplace”, you can see which HitApps are available for your country and whether you can start immediately, or if another qualification is required for this HitApp.As soon as you have done at least one job (a so-called “Judgment”), the HitApps are transferred from the “Marketplace” area into the “My HitApps” area, where you will always go directly to, as soon as you login.


This is so that you can access these tasks faster. If there are only a few or no HitApps available, this is normally only for a short time, so there is no reason to worry. It is worthwhile to login and check on a regular basis.

What is the difference between UHRS and clickworker.com?

Since UHRS is not operated by us, our support possibilities are limited. If there should be problems during the work on UHRS, please use the “Report a technical issue with this HitApp “ to get the fastest help. The decisions on quality are the competence of the operator, not us. Therefore, you should be especially careful about the quality to avoid being expressly excluded by the operator.It is important to know that the form of payment is different too. UHRS pays after three weeks, since it needs time to evaluate the hits and then transfer the money to the clickworker.com account of the user. That means the wages from the first week on UHRS are paid after three weeks, those from the second week in the fourth week, etc. If you have any questions or other problems, have a look in our forum, where there is a very active group talking about the jobs on UHRS.

UHRS is an additional way of earning some extra money, especially for non-copywriters. Why not have a look at the UHRS training and platform yourself!

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